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Presentation  (In-Person)

Summer and fall are the most popular seasons for conferences in Japan. Are you delivering a presentation to a large audience? Or are you visiting insurance companies, banks, or other institutional investors? Perhaps you're doing both? Whatever the case, your presentation decks require translation.

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Zoom Presentation

Zoom is the leading online meeting platform in Japan. Utilize this convenient tool while avoiding Zoom fatigue.

New Service

Self-Presenting Bilingual Decks

When presenting to a Japanese audience, you have two options. You can hire human interpreters, or you can make your PowerPoint deck bilingual, speaking in both English and Japanese.

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Negotiating with the Japanese

Seize profitable opportunities, save time, and prevent cultural missteps while engaging in efficient and constructive interactions with the Japanese!


Communicating with Japanese LPs

Cultivate a stable investor base, foster loyalty, and promote follow-on investments while nurturing long-term relationships with every Japanese client!

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