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My home office is in Yokohama City, about a one-hour train ride from Central Tokyo.

Please fill in the form below. I'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

What happens after sending this form?


If you just want to ask me something, I'll answer it by email.

If you're considering getting a translation service, I'll ask you to send the document to give you a price and delivery estimate—the estimate is free of charge. 

We can discuss any concerns you may have by email, phone, Skype, or Zoom.

How about confidentiality?


Any information you give me and your document will be kept confidential. You can also send me your company’s non-disclosure agreement for me to sign. 

You can set a password to your document and let me know that password in a separate mail for extra caution.

What format is acceptable?


Documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are welcome.

What is your turnaround time to process a 1,000-, 2,000-, or 3,000-words document?


The time it takes to translate your document depends on the difficulty of the content, the complexity of the layout, and the research needed for proper nouns. I also add a few extra days as a buffer to recover from any contingencies, such as computer malfunction or network failure.

The delivery time – the time when you will receive the translation – depends on the turnaround time and the status of my order backlog and anticipated orders from regular clients at the time of your request. I generally try to serve my clients on a first-come, first-served basis to be fair to everyone.

what is your rate?


My rate is between 20 and 35 yen per source word for English to Japanese translation and 16 yen per source character for Japanese to English translation. 


The rate depends on many factors, including how much research the document would require and whether there are complex graphs.

With no middlemen involved, you are spending money wisely.

What's the quality of translations?


The final translation you receive will be of top quality. Quality of translation is crucial for your business if you intend to win trust. Selecting a translation service is similar to gift-wrapping a package. When you give a present to someone important to you, would you put it in a brown paper bag, or would you gift-wrap in carefully chosen high-quality paper? Quality matters to Japanese business people.

How do I order?


If you are happy with my quote, let me know by email. 
You'll receive a confirmation of the order. 

What will happen after ordering?


I'll ask:

  • when you want to use the translation

  • who will read the translation (your audience at a presentation, LPs, or the public)

What if there are questions about the translation after delivery?


I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the translation free of charge.

The translation market, sadly, is like the used-car market that has the “lemon problem”; buyers can't distinguish between the “lemon (defective car)” and the “peach (high-quality car)” before purchasing.

But I promise you the delivery of the best translations.

When is the payment due?


You'll receive the translation with the invoice by email.

Pay me within 30 days from the invoice issue date. 

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