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ZOOM Meeting

The coronavirus pandemic forced many Japanese people to connect online. Now, Zoom has become the most popular method for business meetings.

You can translate your Zoom invitation messages and virtual Zoom backgrounds in addition to your presentation deck.

Bilingual Zoom Invite

Sending a bilingual Zoom invite will show courtesy to your Japanese participants. The following is a sample:

Zoom meeting.jpg






 ⇒ 文部科学省:






--------------- 参加URLの案内 「ここから」 ---------------


開催日時:10月2日 午前9時~11時


(https:// 予約設定したミーティングのURLをコピー&ペースト)





--------------- 参加URLの案内 「ここまで」 ---------------

Translation: You are invited to our Zoom Meetings


If you are new to Zoom, please read the following instructions. By following this procedure, you can enter the meeting room. If you are familiar with Zoom, please proceed to the guidance shown between "Information on the URL to participate" and "End of the information."


How to join a Zoom seminar on your computer

⇒ Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology:


If you are using Zoom for the first time on a PC, access the URL below to automatically download the software and install it. After that, you will be automatically connected to the Zoom application.


Click on "Join audio by computer" to join.


--------- "Information on the URL to participate ------------


Date and Time: October 2, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Please access the Zoom meeting from the following URL:

(https:// Copy and paste the URL of the meeting you set the reservation for)


Meeting ID (Copy and paste the ID of the meeting you have reserved)

Password: (Copy and paste the password for the meeting you set the reservation for)


--------------- "End of the information" ---------------

Bilingual Custom Zoom Virtual Background

A custom virtual background with your company name and logo and your name and title will make your Zoom meetings look more professional.


Tips for successful Zoom meetings

Animate text or objects to make a virtual meeting as exciting as possible. How to do:



Zoom has a function that enables human interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretation during a meeting.

Icebreaker and audio test:
Prepare a list of the participants. Each time someone checks in, say to that person, "xxx-san, nice to meet you." and check the microphone input sensitivity and the speaker of the participant as you greet the person.


If you have difficulty hearing the participant, let the person know and ask to adjust his or her microphone.

This can serve as an icebreaker if you greet in Japanese:
Toyota-san, Yo row she koo oh nay guy she mah soo. (Nice to meet you.)”
You can practice with this audio clip:


Greeting in Japanese
00:00 / 00:05

Manage meeting latecomers:
If you expect someone to be late, record the meeting in the Zoom Cloud and send the link to the latecomer.



If you try to show yourself and a PowerPoint slide at the same time, the slide gets too small and becomes unreadable. It’s better to show either yourself or the slide.

Bad example

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