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Frequently Asked

what are your rates?


Please refer to the "Fees" page for details. By eliminating intermediaries, you're investing your money wisely.

What is the quality of your translations?


The translations you receive are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Quality is paramount for your business as it fosters trust. Choosing a translation service is akin to wrapping a gift. When presenting something meaningful, would you settle for a plain brown bag, or would you opt for meticulously wrapped, high-quality paper? Quality holds great significance for Japanese business professionals.

How do I place an order?
What happens afterward?


Please visit the "Order and Payment" page for instructions.

What if I have questions about the translation after receiving it?


I'm here to address any queries you may have about the translation, free of charge.

Regrettably, the translation market resembles the used-car market's "lemon problem," where buyers struggle to differentiate between "lemons" (defective products) and "peaches" (high-quality items) before purchase. However, I assure you of delivering only the finest translations.

When is payment due?


You will receive the translation along with the invoice via email. Kindly make payment within 30 days from the invoice issuance date.

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