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Frequently Asked

what is your rate?


Please see the "Fees" page.

With no middlemen involved, you are spending money wisely.

What's the quality of translations?


The final translation you receive will be of top quality. Quality of translation is crucial for your business if you intend to win trust. Selecting a translation service is similar to gift-wrapping a package. When you give a present to someone important to you, would you put it in a brown paper bag, or would you gift-wrap in carefully chosen high-quality paper? Quality matters to Japanese business people.

How do I order? And what will happen after ordering?


Please go to the "Order and Payment" page.

What if there are questions about the translation after delivery?


I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the translation free of charge.

The translation market, sadly, is like the used-car market that has the “lemon problem”; buyers can't distinguish between the “lemon (defective car)” and the “peach (high-quality car)” before purchasing.

But I promise you the delivery of the best translations.

When is the payment due?


You'll receive the translation with the invoice by email.

Pay me within 30 days from the invoice issue date. 

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