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    Bilingual Deck

You can make your presentation deck do the talking for you – in English and Japanese - by transforming your PowerPoint deck into a video.

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Sample 8 minutes

Benefits of bilingual decks

You no longer need to give the same presentation over and over to different clients.

After a long flight, you may have jet lag and want to get some rest. During a presentation, you can sit back, relax, and observe your Japanese audience.

Even better, the deck can be delivered to your clients, allowing you to travel less. Or you can avoid having Zoom meetings at inconvenient times - the time difference between your country and Japan may be huge.




There are additional benefits:
Many people – extroverts and introverts alike – hate giving a presentation. You would have to memorize what you’re going to say and practice the delivery over and over. You may feel nervous before the event and have a stage fright in front of the audience. But you can avoid all this suffering by making AI do the job for you.

How it works

Please send your PowerPoint deck and script (what you will say for each slide) in English. They will be translated into Japanese by a human translator.

AI's voice will be embedded in the deck. You can also choose to embed your own voice in English slides to make them sound more authentic.

You will get a completed deck in three formats (video, PowerPoint, and PDF) on a password-protected webpage set up for you. You can view the video and download files using this webpage. You can request up to 3 modifications for free.

About AI-generated voice

AI-generated voice is more natural than text-to-speech on Word or Kindle. You can listen to the samples below for comparison:

00:00 / 00:12
00:00 / 00:13
00:00 / 00:10

Why it works  

Culturally Appropriate
A video is a one-way communication. But it’s acceptable for the Japanese.

Typically, the Japanese would not ask questions during a meeting for fear of asking “stupid” questions. They would not debate either during a meeting because they want to keep harmony, and disagreement would cause a loss of face for both parties.

The Japanese would ask you questions and discuss issues afterward by email.

More Strategic
Interaction with Japanese people is more likely to happen outside official settings.

When you meet Japanese, you can focus on socializing. While Westerners tend to trust people who focus on the business at hand, Japanese take socializing seriously.


Japanese people are known to be too shy to speak English, but this changes after a few drinks. They would tell you what’s really on their minds.

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