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Order and Payment

Please go to the "Contact" page for the initial inquiry. 

Your information and document will be kept confidential. You can also send me your company’s non-disclosure agreement for me to sign if necessary.

You can set a password to your document and let me know that password in a separate mail for extra caution.


Then what will happen?


I suggest we work together as follows:


1. Meeting

We will have a 15-30 minute Zoom call. This is good because:

✔️  A quick chat can help us get a feel of each other.

✔️  You may want to talk to me or ask me questions.

✔️  You can go over the situation and discuss some details.

✔️  We can discuss the scope of the project.

✔️  You can define your expectations, such as deadlines or deliverables.

✔️  Finally, we can decide if we’re a fit.

I also hope to hear about your experience and perspective of doing business with the Japanese.​

2. Proposal

Based on our conversation, I will write up a proposal that describes the background, goal, scope, and terms of my service. You can request to make adjustments to the proposal to better fit your needs. The proposal will be good for one month.

3. Order

If you like the proposal, we can discuss the specific timeline. If we can agree on the timeline, the service will start.

4. Delivery

You'll receive the work by email or other suitable forms. If you have any questions about the translation after the delivery, I’ll be happy to answer them.

5. Payment

You'll receive an invoice after the delivery of work. Please make a payment by bank transfer within one month of the invoice date.

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