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Order and Payment

Please visit the "Contact" page to initiate your inquiry. 

Rest assured, your information and documents will be kept confidential. If needed, you may also provide your company’s non-disclosure agreement for my signature.

For added security, you can protect your document with a password and share the password with me separately via email.


What's next?


I propose the following steps for our collaboration:


1. Initial Meeting

We'll arrange a 15-30 minute Zoom call. This is beneficial because:

✔️  It allows us to acquaint ourselves with each other.

✔️  You can ask any questions or discuss concerns you may have.

✔️  We'll review the project scope and discuss any specific details.

✔️  You can outline your expectations, including deadlines and deliverables.

✔️  We'll mutually assess if our collaboration aligns with your requirements.

Additionally, I look forward to learning about your experiences and perspectives on conducting business with Japanese people.

2. Proposal

Following our discussion, I will draft a proposal outlining the project's background, objectives, scope, and terms of service. You are welcome to request modifications to tailor the proposal to your preferences.

3. Ordering

Should you approve the proposal, we'll finalize the specific timeline for the project. Once an agreement is reached, the service will commence.

4. Delivery

Upon completion, you will receive the translated work via email or another suitable medium. I am available to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the translation post-delivery.

5. Payment

An invoice will be issued following the delivery of the translated work. Please arrange payment via bank transfer within one month from the invoice date.

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