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Hi, my name is Megumi (Meg) Kimoto.

I am a Japan-based freelance translator specializing in alternative investment (venture capital, hedge fund, and private equity). I have a track record of working for five of the world's 100 largest asset managers.

Since 1982, I've been translating documents between English and Japanese. My clients are from all over the world, including Japan, the US, the UK, France, Luxenberg, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

I’ve been working as a translator for 30+ years. The companies I worked for include Preqin, Mitsubishi Trust Bank, Principal Global Investors, Deloitte, Willis Towers Watson, Citibank, Solomon Brothers, and Morgan Grenfell. 




I run a sole proprietorship with the trade name ‘Kimoto Financial Translations,’ registered at the Kanagawa Tax Office in Japan in 2008.


Registrated business

Seven reasons why you can count on me

I taught a course for beginning translators at ISS, Inc. I am a native speaker of Japanese, but my score for SAT Verbal was in the 95th percentile.

I graduated from Stanford University with honors. I also have a master’s degree from Hitotsubashi University in Japan.





  • Technology - I obtained the following certificates on Coursera platform: Deep Learning Specialization and Machine Learning (issued by Stanford University) and Python Data Structure (issued by the University of Michigan).

  • Investment - I passed the US general securities representative exam (Series 7) and its Japanese equivalent.

  • Accounting - I passed the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Bookkeeping and Accounting Test for International Communication (accountant level).



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  • I'm a charter-holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association.

  • I'm a current member and former board director of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) 


Professional networks

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My mission is to improve communication and eliminate cultural and linguistic misunderstandings.


Translation is one way to increase transparency. With more transparency comes more trusta prerequisite to the success of your business.


The combination of the Western and Eastern worlds creates new opportunities. We are creating the best of both worlds. 



I work from home in Yokohama City, which is Japan’s second-largest city, 20 miles south of Tokyo. 

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This is how my home office looks like. 


I served on the board of the Board members of the Japan Association of Translators between 2011 and 2016.

"Hassle-free to work with"

Working with Megumi on a high-volume project was hassle-free because she was cooperative, helpful, and flexible.

Lisa Hew, Principal, Belle Translation Japan

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